Merry Christmas!

The magic of Christmas that we felt as children sometimes becomes lost as we get older, but we can regain it!

First: Why do we lose this sense of magic? At least in part, it is because society has abandoned so much of the actual meaning of Christmas. The more it turns it into a time of Santa Claus and mall bedlam, the less the magic will endure, because it celebrates a fairy tale which we recognize to be false.

But this is a time to celebrate an actual miracle; for a baby boy was born in Israel whose existence would make God’s grace available to everyone who would simply believe in him. This is the promise of Christmas that will never get old and will never disappoint us. Why have we so replaced a true miracle, the birth of a real person, with a silly make-believe man in a red suit? Because so many people believe in consumer items more than in Christ, and those of us who hold the truth to our hearts have been swept along.

If we keep the truth of Christmas in our hearts and minds, we will never be disappointed or lose the sense of miracle that Christmas brings. We celebrate the birth of Christ and the promise he brings. Deep winter is the time of despair, as are our lives when things become most difficult. But Christmas reminds us that our salvation will come; it is a promise that our difficulties, like the barren cold of winter, will be forgotten, and that spring will arrive if we only give it time. Let us always remember the certainty of our hope, for God remembers His promises and will make them come to pass.

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