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Prayer for America and the Nations


I come before You this day, interceding for the United States of America. You have looked for an intercessor for each family, city, state, nation, and the world…and I say, Here I am, LORD!! I am standing in the gap for this great nation!

I thank You, that You have clearly said, we have not because we ask not. I’m asking for the salvation of this nation. Thank, You, for hearing my voice, as I cry out for America.

Father, I give You the glory that there even is a nation like this one! I thank, You for the ones who weathered great sacrifice to come to this land. You, who are the master and creator of this earth, planned America! You knew, as You are all knowing, that there is a time an place that a nation would have to be established that based its Constitution on Your WORD.

There was much battle…and still is…to protect the First Amendment to our Constitution! Without that paragraph or so…written and established by You, LORD..the individual would not be protected. Your Church would not have grown in this nation, and there would not be people called by You..with the freedom to go to the nations…to the uttermost parts of the world.

Father, we thank You that You created man in Your image…You gave him spirit, soul, and body. You came in body to this earth, and dwelt among us, and You died and arose that we follow. You declared that we must be born again. All flesh are not your children..we can only come to You Father through Jesus! Thank You for Your plan.

Your prophets told us all what was to take place before You came the first time, and even what will take place before You return …Yeshua has come and is coming again…and soon!! We are readying ourselves..we Your children…who have confessed with our mouths that Jesus is LORD…He is God…not a man or great prophet..and we believe in our hearts that He is risen and returning for us!

Now, LORD, You are not taken by surprise that this Nation…declared in our pledge to our flag..under God…not any God…but the one true God…Jehovah..is shaking. You have given us from all nations great inventors…and You have blessed us with the money to own the newest and the finest of things. Our poor in this nation do not compare with the poor in nations that have not declared You LORD!!

Forgive us for thinking it is because we are good. Forgive us…regardless of gender…or race..or nationality background…for thinking that we have done anything to cause us to be blessed. You put in the heart of men the wonderful words that protect this nation…You caused us to have states..large and small…and to have the same representation in the Senate. You gave us the ideas..the mind…to have checks and balances…and to have our military that protects our freedoms…we are free because someone daily pays the price for it! I salute them, LORD!!!

It’s not me that is faithful, honest, pure…for I am flesh…carnal..but You, LORD,..You Holy Spirit in me…because I feed on Your WORD …daily…and I choose to remain in the Secret Place of the Most High..to abide…It’s You, the Hope of Glory in me that gives me voice! I must shout to the rooftops this morning!!

I have a mind..an opinion…but I don’t trust my thoughts…because unless they are based on Your WORD..Almighty God…they are dangerous to even speak…to even whisper. I joined this army a long time ago, but I’ve had to undergo much training in order to discipline my tongue to speak Your WORD!!!

We are facing an election this year…this year that You have spoken to us is a year of divine order…coming out of a year of disorder! You have spoken to us it is a year of jubilee! You are hearing Your children as we cry out! You are causing us to align..to come to order! You are saying to the Church..prepare ye the way of the LORD!!

Father, I thank You for the words from my Daddy that You told him I was a Captain. It changed my outlook. I realized that You were telling the man I adored in all the world to hear what I had to say. I drew near You, LORD, in my 30’s and I prayed my Daddy in…saved at 52. He lived with me the last of his years before he had to be in the nursing home. I thought until then, that the things I knew ahead of time …that the pictures You were giving me…well, it was hard to believe that You and I were that intimate! We were and still are friends. That makes me smile and weep even now..I love the song I Am A Friend of God!

LORD, I know that America has sinned much! I know, as a U.S. History teacher, that America has made great mistakes…great blunders! But, LORD, I believe through every one of them, You called Your people…the ones of us called by Your Name..to our knees..to pray and seek You face…and each and every time You healed this great land! I know that America is Yours..from the mountains..to the valleys…to the oceans!!! We are Yours!!! Jesus is LORD over the United States of America!! It may not look like it from every perspective…but You say that Your children are to speak things that are not as though they are!

Father, forgive us for abortion. I believe that it is the greatest sin that we have allowed in this nation…we’ve lost sooo many babies…Your heritage, LORD!!! We have not given that unborn citizen the rights of the citizens in this nation. We have denied them their rights as we did the Native Americans and the slaves. Thank You that You are the grantor of freedom…and that we are the receivers.

I pray Father, that as we have seen that through errors of man, You have glorified Yourself. Had history not taken place just as it has to this point, we would not be the wonderful multi-race and multi-national nation that we are. There would only be one people here…and we would not be reaching the nations with the good news..the GOSPEL!! For the good news of Jesus was brought to this land.

If we listen to man…the flesh..the carnal..we can find something wrong with all of history to this point. However, if we listen to Holy Spirit…we can hear words like what Joshua said to his brothers in Genesis when they recognized that the brother they had sold and let their Father believe was dead was the one feeding them in Egypt. Joshua said, “God did this!” Mordecai’s words to Esther, “You were born for a time as this.”

As I worship with women in church or women’s conferences, of all nationalities…who are ONE with me in JESUS…my heart is so full of the abundance of His love. For in Christ Jesus, there is no male or female, Jew or Greek, no black or white, no old or young…we are ONE as Jesus prayed for us in John 17 in the Garden of Gethsemane.
As I minister by fb to the nations…an answer to my prayer to be a missionary to the nations, I see better with God’s eyes…from His perspective. I have two groups of prayer warriors from Fiji…over 200 in each group. However, they don’t all live in Fiji. They are all over the world. I have one in Lebanon, one in Thailand, some in the U.S., some in Australia, in the UK, in New Zealand, in the Philippines, etc.

As they’ve joined me as friends of Women Who Pray, I’ve recognized the value of them being strategically placed around the world.
That’s what the LORD has done with us. We may have gotten here in the U.S. because we were naturally placed here as a Native American, or we may have gotten here because our family came here with the 1st group, escaping religious persecution. We may have come here because of the potato famine..or because we were sold and bought. We may have come by boat, escaping for our lives. Most of these cases were with great trial and sacrifice.

I just want to thank You, LORD, for my heritage. I want to thank You for bringing me to this place…for creating me to live in these last days. I am filled with anticipation…excitement…sometimes allowing anxiousness to arise…but being in the WORD so much…that I hear it in me speaking to me…Be anxious for nothing, but in all things…let your petitions be made know unto God..that my God will give me perfect peace, if I stay my mind on HIM. How do I do that? Prayer..praise..reading the WORD…listening to Praise Music…He inhabits my praise…and the evil one must flee!

We have added to our prayer for this nation and other nations this week. I pray you will pray with me for the United States and all the nations of this earth the following:
Father, we pray that You take away the wicked from before the leaders in authority, of this nation and all other nations, so that our governments will be established in righteousness. For promotion comes not from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south, but You are judge. You put down one and lift up another. We pray they may be surrounded with many wise and righteous counselors who love peace. Lord, counsel is Yours, and sound wisdom. You are understanding, and power is Yours, By You kings reign, and rulers decree justice. By You princes rule, and nobles, and all who judge rightly. We pray these rulers in authority will diligently seek You so that they may find You. We thank You in advance, LORD, for Your chosen one in the office of President of this nation. We thank You in advance, for Your chosen one for each nation. In Jesus’ Name, we submit our will to Your will. Your Kingdom Come..You Will be done…on earth as it is in Heaven!! Glory!!!!

In Jesus’ Name,

Amen and Amen

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